About Business Council

Goals and objectives KIBC

  • Expansion, development of business contacts, collaboration between Kazakhstan and India entrepreneurs

    KIBC represents the interests of Kazakhstani companies exporting products to India and, Indian companies operating in Kazakhstan, as well as the companies interested in the development of bilateral business.;

  • Promotion of Kazakhstani business in India and Indian business in Kazakhstan; support of rights and legal interest of Kazakhstani-Indian entrepreneurs, their interrelations with Kazakhstani and Indian official and commercial structures;

  • Joining efforts and arrangement of dialog of business community of Kazakhstan and India, interested in the improvement of efficiency of Kazakhstani-Indian business collaboration.

Tasks of KIBC

  • Development of coordinated position on interaction with Indian partners in the markets of Kazakhstan and assistance to Kazakhstani companies in access to the markets of India.

  • Rendering assistance in the development of commercial and social interaction of individuals, companies, and institutions seeking commercial and business relations between Kazakhstan and India.

  • Determination of certain opportunities for development and diversification of Kazakhstani-Indian business relationship, including joint investment projects implemented in the territory of RK, India and third countries.

What’ve been done

  • Organization and convening the first meeting of the Kazakhstan-India Business Council.
    Astana, May 19, 2016

  • Conducting II JBC meeting
    New Delhi, February, 2018

What we do

  • Arrange dialog and intercommunication: meetings, conferences, working groups, joint proposals focused on intensification of trade and economic relations.

  • Informational services and consultancy support to Kazakhstani and Indian entrepreneurs, including the search of business partners.

For any proposals related to cooperation with KIBC

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