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Patnership in Pharmeceutical, Medicine and Healthcare

KIBC organized the participation of Kazakhstani pharmacists in the International Pharmaceutical Exhibition iPHEX-2018, 8-10.05.2018. Agreement was reached with more than 50 Indian pharmaceutical companies on participation in the Kazakhstan-Indian Pharmaceutical Forum, which is planned to be held at the initiative of KIBC at the end of 2018, in Almaty.

In addition, 10/18/2018 KIBC along with the Embassy of the Republic of India in Kazakhstan plans to prepare and conduct a workshop for Kazakhstani pharmaceutical companies in order to clarify the potential of India’s pharmaceutical manufacturers.

KIBC organized a visit to Kazakhstan for Swati Spentose pharmaceutical company to promote the company’s unique products to the Kazakhstan market, including veterinary medicines, to search for a Kazakhstan partner to implement a joint project to build a pharmaceutical factory for the production of API (active pharmacological ingredient).

Partnership in Energy and Power

At the initiative of KIBC in Kazakhstan is a representative of the company IMC, India. IMC is the largest owner and operator of oil terminals in India. The company intends to invest in the exploration and production of oil in Kazakhstan.

Negotiations with potential Kazakhstan partners were organized and conducted: Ordabasy Corporation, Marseille Petroleum, etc. The proposals of Kazakhstan partners are under consideration by IMC. The planned volume of the company’s investment in Kazakh fields is up to $ 800 million.

KIBC assisted GMR Group (India) in signing a contract with the akimat of Mangistau Oblast on the implementation of the project “Construction of a 2×50 MW gas turbine station” in the territory of Industrial Park Mangistau LLP.

Partnership in Engeneering

Contacts have been established between Escort Agri Machinery (India) and Karlscrona LLP (Shymkent). Escort Agri Machinery is considering the establishment of a regional center for the assembly and distribution of tractors in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region. The possibility of visiting Escort Agri Machinery representatives in Shymkent is being agreed upon.

Triveni Turbine. At the initiative of KIBC, negotiations were organized on cooperation between Triveni Turbines and Karaganda Turbomechanical Plant in joint production / repair / modernization of steam turbines with a capacity of up to 100 MW.

Triveni Turbines has 2,700 global installations in 70 countries and is the leading manufacturer of steam turbines in India with more than 60% market share.

Larsen & Tubro, an engineering company specializing in the transmission and distribution of energy, has shown interest in supplying KEGOC with various solutions and technologies in the field of high-voltage networks and renewable energy sources: solar and wind energy. Currently, the opening of a representative office in Astana is being discussed.

Cooperation in Food Processing

KIBC has initiated CG Corp, the largest corporation in India and Nepal to produce instant noodles for construction of a plant for the production of instant noodles with a capacity of 350 tons / day, creating 250 jobs, with an investment of up to 10 million US dollars.

Currently, negotiations are underway on the acquisition by CG Corp of the production assets of Lotus Food LLP, Kazygurt District, Turkestan Region, Ontustik Industrial Zone, operating a plant for the production of instant noodles.

KIBC assists in the investigation of assets, risks of the acquisition of Lotus food LLP.
15.10.2018 The Indian side registered the company CG Foods Central Asia in the village of Mailyoshak, Kazygurt district of the Turkestan region.

Cooperation in Agriculture

KIBC organized a visit by a group of Kazakhstani businessmen to the Venky’s Group Corporation to study the experience of the largest poultry meat producer in India, to discuss the possibility of implementing a project to build a poultry factory in Kazakhstan using technology, using animal pedigree material from the corporation.

In September,2018 the company’s representatives visited Kazakhstan, held talks with Akimats of Almaty, Akmola, Kyzylorda regions, TengriBank JSC for the implementation of investment projects. First of all, the construction of the Technology Transfer Center in the Almaty region, the production of vaccines, the implementation of a pilot project in the Akmola region. Venky’s Group considers participation in the project of TengriBank as a financial operator of the project.

Venky’s – “VH Group” is the largest poultry conglomerate in India, exporting products to dozens of countries around the world. Today, the company owns 90% of the chicken meat market share and over 70% of the broiler market in India. VH Group has several joint ventures and technical cooperation agreements with well-known American and European companies.

During the Global Exhibition on Services 2017, the Kazakhstan company “HIT Kazakhstan” reached an agreement with the Indian company Shiv Sales Corporation on the export of Kazakhstan’s oil-producing products to India.

At the initiative of KIBC in 2017, a meeting was organized with Synthite, which is considering a construction project in Kazakhstan (approximately in the Almaty region) of a paprika processing plant (paprika is red pepper, which is the main ingredient for making various spices popular in India).

Synthite company in 2016 invested in the construction of a similar plant on the territory of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, PRC, and is considering investments in Kazakhstan in order to expand the project and develop a new promising market for growing and processing paprika. An interest was shown in creating a joint venture on the territory of the Panfilovsky or Uygursky districts of the Almaty region (climatic conditions most appropriate for growing paprika) for growing crops in fields of about 2000 hectares.

The company plans to begin the search for potential partners and survey work in Kazakhstan in the second half of 2019. The amount of investment will be determined upon completion of market research.

Cooperation in the field of construction and development projects

KIBC organized a visit to Kazakhstan the members of Association of Builders and Architects of the State of Maharashtra (MBVA) to get acquainted with the best practices of housing and commercial construction in Kazakhstan, prospects for cooperation with Kazakhstan developers, implementation of joint projects and investment opportunities in the construction sector of Kazakhstan.

For Indian specialists meetings are organized with the architecture and city planning departments of Astana and Almaty Akimat, Astana Master Plan, the Union of Architects of Kazakhstan, visits to the construction sites of companies BI Group, Esentai City, Akhcell Kent, etc.

An agreement has been reached on the cooperation of the BI Group with Indian construction and design companies on the use of Indian technologies and solutions in 3D design of buildings and structures.

Some representatives of Indian companies have shown interest in acquiring real estate in the newly built Esentai City complex as private investors.

Coopertion in Textile& Tannery

At the initiative of FICCI and with the assistance of KIDS, Kazakhstan’s manufacturers of industrial textiles (Smart Service Group, Karaganda) participated in the international exhibition TecnoTech -2018, held talks with manufacturers of equipment and geotextile products to supply relevant products to Kazakhstan.

At present, KIBC is working to find a potential partner from India for the joint implementation of a project to build a technical textile plant. The volume of investments is 5 million US dollars.

KIBC took an active part in conducting a business forum with the Federation of Industrialists of the State of Gujarat, India (Federation of Gujarat Industries, FGI), in Astana, March 15-16, 2018. Major Kazakhstani companies such as ATAMEKEN AGRO, Astana YUTARIA discussed the supply of Kazakhstani goods to India and the import of high-quality dyes and threads of Indian manufacturers to the Kazakhstani market.

MAHA IMPEX, a major Indian importer of leather raw materials, visited Kazakhstan, leather enterprises, and suppliers of raw materials from Kazakhstan. Interest was shown in the supply of relevant raw materials to India. Provided that local suppliers will ensure the appropriate quality and quantity of raw materials, the rhythm of supply of processed leather to Indian markets.

Cooperation in Tourism, including Medical Tourism

KIBC is actively promoting Kazakhstan as a tourist destination for potential tourists from India. Thus, in 2018, together with the tourist company “Crystal Tau”, an introductory tour of Almaty and its picturesque surroundings was organized for the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Mumbai, Mr. Vishal Djadi.

At the initiative of KIBC Jaypee Hospital and the National Scientific Center of Surgery. Syzganov, Almaty signed a Memorandum on joint activities in the field of invasive surgery, cardiology and transplantology.

Jaypee Hospital is considering the possibility of working together with Kazakhstani medical institutions to optimize the curricula and programs of postgraduate and additional education and to exchange graduate students, doctoral students and residents.

Assistance was provided in establishing a partnership between the leading Kazakhstani medical, insurance company Interteach and the medical tourism agency in India HBG Group for treating Kazakhstani patients with difficult diagnoses and diseases in the best clinics / hospitals in India.

KIBC assisted the National Scientific Medical Center (NNMC), Astana, to pass free of charge training at the Medanta, New Delhi hospital 12 NNMC radiologists to work on a new generation tomograph.

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